Research - Student Projects

The role of public health research is to shed light on important issues affecting the health of groups of people in our community. Its aim is to promote health and prevent disease in a way that will achieve the best health outcomes for everyone.

Students and graduates undertaking public health work experience in Taranaki complete many of these projects as part of their training. Other members of the Taranaki public health team also complete reports on public health issues when required. See below for some recent examples.

Long COVID Staff Clinic: Caring for carers in Taranaki Shereen Zaidi, Fiona Dunford, Jonathan Jarman 2023
High levels of CO2 found in small study of early childhood centres Jaimee Paterson, Grace George, Sam George, Jonathan Jarman 2023
Enteroviral Meningitis: A public health investigation exercise (PDF 346 KB) Hogan McKee 2021
Predicting risk of vaccine preventable diseases in Taranaki 2022 (PDF 506 KB) Dr Rachel Bol 2021
Identifying high risk COVID-19 holiday hotspots in Taranaki this summer (PDF 971 KB) Dr Rachel Bol 2021
Tiaki Whakapapa (PDF 310 KB) Kayla Manuirirangi 2020
What does Taranaki need to do have a just transition to healthy people living in a healthy climate? (PDF 579 KB) Ha’ano Fonua 2020
Preventing a second wave of COVID-19 in Taranaki (PDF 289 KB) Jacob Manning and Shamini Mahadevan 2020
The importance of timeliness - population level interventions and stamping out COVID-19 during alert level 2 (PDF 315 KB) Jacob Manning and Shamini Mahadevan 2020
A quality review of the recreational water quality monitoring programme in Taranaki (PDF 412 KB) Dr Gregory Evans 2019
Vaping in Taranaki Schools (PDF 111 KB) Dr Jennifer Kidd 2019
Acute Drug Related Harm Project (PDF 739 KB) Nicole Stonestreet 2019
Snack Facts / Timonga Kai Evaluation Report (PDF 1 MB) Opetaia Aati 2019
How can we apply the principles of community led success to the NP ageing strategy? (PDF 456 KB) Helen Ker 2018
The Epidemiology of Reported Cases of Infectious Syphilis in Taranaki, 2017-2018 (PDF 702 KB) William Rogerson 2018
Effectiveness of school-based intervention on active transport to school in primary and intermediate schoolchildren in the New Plymouth District (PDF 153 KB) Kazuki Murakami 2018
Recommendations for Improving Prevention of Hepatitis C Infection in Taranaki (PDF 601 KB) Bree-Anna Langton 2017/18
Presence and Quality of Drinking Water Fountains in Taranaki Public Parks, Playgrounds and Major Walkways (PDF 971 KB) Tayla Hesseltine 2017
Recommendations for improving prevention of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Taranaki (PDF 494 KB) Latesha Radford 2016/17
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in New Zealand - A Report for the Public Health Unit of Taranaki District Health Board (PDF 494 KB) Vanessa Somos 2016
Recreational Water Quality Monitoring and Signage Report (PDF 1.7 MB) Nastasha Stanton 2015/16
Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli infections in Taranaki between 2006-2015 (PDF 586 KB) Claire Richardson 2015/16
Kurapete Stream Health Risk Assessment Report  (PDF 1.9 MB) Robbie Wood 2013/14


Last updated: Thursday, January 27, 2022

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