Staff Profiles

Dr Brad Ellington - Emergency Department Specialist

“Hi, I’m Dr Brad Ellington. As an emergency consultant physician I work scheduled shifts in the Emergency Department (ED) taking care of acutely ill or injured patients. The thing that attracted me to emergency medicine was the team-oriented environment, which is especially prevalent here at Taranaki DHB.

My family and I moved to New Plymouth from the United States without ever having visited the New Zealand. We’ve found the people at Taranaki DHB and in the community extremely welcoming and friendly, and with the sea and the mountain so close, the area has all the outdoor activities my young family could need.”

Dr Dave Grant - Senior House Officer

“Hi, I am Dr Dave Grant and I'm a senior house officer at Taranaki Base Hospital. I’d never planned to live and work in New Plymouth, however after a placement at Taranaki DHB as a student I was sold. Working as a junior doctor and now a senior house officer, I have found Taranaki DHB to be a rewarding learning environment with not only great training and career advancement opportunities, but also a really friendly and diverse staff group.”

Dr Nigel Henderson Consultant General Surgeon

“Kia ora, I’m Dr Nigel Henderson, a consultant general surgeon at Taranaki DHB. Every day I am excited to come to work because my role is varied and I know with every surgery I’m making a positive difference in my patients’ lives.

I had worked in Taranaki as a registrar and a house surgeon so I knew the environment and the region. I fell in love with the place and to be quite honest, work is work, you can do it anywhere, but the region is what drew me back.”

Sophie Munro Occupational Therapist

“Hi, I’m Sophie Munro. What drew me to occupational therapy (OT) was the idea of helping patients gain independence after an injury or illness and watching them improve over time. I received a Taranaki DHB Scholarship which jumpstarted my career and confirmed for me that OT was the career I wanted to pursue.

Working in a regional DHB has allowed me to learn more than I think I would at a metropolitan
 DHB, as I’ve been able work with a huge variety of conditions rather having to become specialised in a particular area right from the start.  Taranaki DHB has modern facilities and equipment and a really tight knit community that offers plenty of support and encouragement.”

Maggie Radich Dietitian

“Hello, I’m Maggie Radich and I work as a clinical dietician. My role involves work at the hospital and in GP practices with patients who suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
As a dietitian, treating patients means working collectively with a range other health professionals to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Working in this team environment has been priceless in my career as it has enabled me to learn a lot from my colleagues, and I receive heaps of support in my work and professional development.”

Tawera Trinder Midwife

Hi there, I’m Tawera Trinder and I’m a midwife at Taranaki DHB. My path to midwifery was slightly different to others as I was 10 years out of high school when I enrolled in my University course. I’d had a great connection with my midwife throughout my own pregnancies. I’d also attended the birth of a friend’s baby and was really inspired by the connection she had with her Māori midwife.

I was supported financially during my studies through Taranaki DHB’s scholarship programme. It’s fantastic being able to work with my people; I’m proud to be a role model for rangatahi looking to get into health care in Taranaki.”

Last updated: Friday, August 23, 2019

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