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Proposed South Taranaki Rural Model of Care

At the end of 2019 an enhanced rural model of care was proposed for the South Taranaki community which aims to improve health outcomes by enabling people to receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place. READ MORE...

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While current hospital services will remain available to the community, implementation of the new rural model of care is now underway.


Rural medical training and education

Key facility for development and training of the South Taranaki rural workforce.

Pivotal to growing and retaining a South Taranaki workforce fit for the region’s future.  


24/7 phone access to South Taranaki GP services

Facilitated after-hours by Homecare Medical.

Run by registered healthcare professionals who provide health advice over the phone and/or refer patients to the most appropriate service for their specific health needs (including emergency services).


St John ‘see and treat’ service

An additional paramedic service that provides assessment and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries at the patient’s location, e.g. wound care, ear nose and throat examinations, etc.


Extended-hours walk-in and booked appointment clinic, providing additional capacity for stretched primary care services.

Staffed by nurses, senior rural doctors who will see any patients with healthcare needs appropriate for primary care.

Staffed by senior rural doctors, practice nurses/nurse practitioners.

Broad range of health services including diagnosis and treatment; health education; counselling; disease prevention and screening.

Will take patient enrolments.


Recruitment to the Extended Care team (some roles still to be filled)

A range of health professionals (e.g. social worker, clinical pharmacist or dietitian) who support patients and coordinate services in the region to better manage patients’ health needs.

Will support all patients regardless of the practice they are enrolled in.


Plans for additional services are currently being investigated. Further details about these plans will be provided once they are available.



Media releases

South Taranaki community considers rural model of health care - 26 November, 2019


Forum meetings

The South Taranaki Community Health Forum and Taranaki ki te Tonga meetings are the mechanism for the Taranaki District Health Board (TDHB) and the South Taranaki community representative organisations to share information, identify issues and put forward possible solutions to address the needs of the community and their access to services.

Below are the key messages from some of the meetings:

Last updated: Friday, December 11, 2020

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