External Links

Occupation Therapy New Zealand (OTNZ)

“Provides services, support, representation and networking opportunities for occupational therapists. OTNZ has members across all occupational therapy practice areas within New Zealand and abroad” www.otnz.co.nz/public

Enable NZ

"Enable New Zealand will facilitate and deliver quality access to resources for people with identified health and disability support needs" www.enable.co.nz

Access Able

"Assessable has a focus within the community to offer both the public and private health sectors, services that enhance independent lifestyles and equipment management. For people with a disability, accessable funds the provision of hearing aids, equipment, housing alterations and vehicle modifications on behalf of the Ministry of Health. In the provision of equipment accessable also has the ability to ensure that technical support is available.” www.accessable.co.nz

Disability Funding

“Provides information about Ministry of Health funding for environmental support services for disabled people.” www.disabilityfunding.co.nz


Last updated: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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