Community Health Integration Centre (CHIC)

The Community Health Integration Centre (CHIC) is a single point of entry for referrals and information.

Qualified, experienced health clinicians ensure a patient’s health needs are assessed and they receive timely health care in the most appropriate setting.

The referrals are then sent to the right service so that the patient gets the right health care in the right place as soon as possible.

The CHIC can only receive referrals from registered health professionals. If you are a patient and wish to access the services below, please consult your general practitioner (GP).

Health professionals can refer by emailing a referral to

Services within CHIC include:

District Nursing
Wound Care
Stomal Therapy

Older Peoples Health
OPHRS (Older Peoples Health and Rehabilitation Services)
MSHOP (Mental Health Services for Older People)
NASC (Needs Assessment and Service Co-Ordination)

DHB Allied Health
Social Work – Physical Health  
Occupational Therapy
Psychology - Physical Health
Speech-Language Therapy

DHB Specialist Educators
Cardiac CNS
Diabetes CNS
Respiratory CNS
Pinnacle ExCT (Extended Care Team )


Contact us:

Monday to Friday 8am-4.30pm
Phone (06) 753 6139 for all hospital departments and services.
Direct Dial: (06) 753 8660
Toll Free: 0508 436 374


Last updated: Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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