Taranaki DHB and Stratford community discuss potential of child & maternal hub

26 May 2015

Taranaki DHB met together with Stratford community members, health providers, and district councillors on Wednesday 20 May to discuss the potential of a child & maternal hub.

Becky Jenkins, General Manager Planning and Funding for Taranaki DHB said “The meeting was a great opportunity for us all to sit down and talk about what the hub could be.”

At the meeting people shared their ideas and discussion covered the whole period from pregnancy to early years (5 year olds).

Stratford District Mayor Neil Volzke said,  “It was a positive meeting with plenty of idea’s floating around on what services a maternal health hub might include. As this idea is in the early stages of discussion, we should still be aspirational in our thinking and in my view, not lose sight of the wishes of the Stratford families“

Jess Brocas said, “I am relieved to be moving forward again, and know there is a lot of work to be done.  A clear timeline is important so that information is transparent and available to the Stratford and the wider community. It is also important that the process provides the opportunity for the public to hear what is on the cards for our potential hub and to be able to inform the discussion”

“It was agreed by those at the meeting that a governance structure would be established including representatives from within the Stratford community to enable further discussion and exploration of a hub over the coming months,” added Ms Jenkins.

The group will meet again in the next month to confirm the action plan, membership of the steering group and key timelines

For more information please call
Cressida Gates, Media Advisor, 027 703 6177


Last updated: Friday, May 29, 2015

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