Donít forget about Healthline this Easter

31 March 2015


Chocolate overload is probably the biggest health hazard most Taranaki residents will face over Easter but, as sure as eggs, someone will have a tummy upset, strain their back or develop a nasty cough.

And it’s even worse if you are away from home or after-hours when medical centres are closed.

Last year, 933 people from the Taranaki DHB region called Healthline during April, which included the Easter break, and a similar number of calls are expected this year.

Relationship Director Janet Harp says inquiries about coughs and colds are common over Easter, along with the usual ailments and mishaps.

“The good news is you can call Healthline free from a landline or mobile phone for confidential health advice, 24/7. The freephone Healthline number is 0800 611 116.”

She says Healthline is staffed by friendly, registered nurses who can advise you on the best thing to do and how urgently you should do it.

“Depending on your health issue, this could be advice to see your GP or visit the emergency department immediately, or to see your GP within 24 hours.

“Up to 40 percent of callers are given information to safely manage the condition themselves at home, including things to try, and advice on what to watch out for. A small percentage of callers are put through to 111 or have an ambulance called for them.”

Healthline nurses can also direct you to the nearest GP clinic or after-hours pharmacist.

And don’t forget about the Healthline symptom checker.

“People find their symptoms from a comprehensive list on the app,” Janet Harp says.

“For example, ‘rash – widespread’ – or by using the ‘browse by body parts’ option, and the app then suggests a course of action. That could be to call an ambulance, see a doctor within 24 hours or advice on how to manage the condition at home, just as when people phone Healthline.

“The symptom checker is an easy to download and use free app, available to download onto Apple iPhones or iPads via a link from the Healthline website:, or direct from the Apple App store.”

For further information:

Liz Price, 0276 957 744


Last updated: Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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