Patients and staff on the move

2 August 2013

Patients and staff will begin the great migration to the new building next week with staff all ready and excited.

The first patient will be moved to TSB Ward 2B (Children and Young People) on Monday morning and from there, each area has a designated moving day for the remainder of the week.

Ward 2B Clinical Nurse Manager Leonie Mercer said she and her team were very excited to be moving into the new ward.

“We have been anticipating and working towards this for a long time. There are so many benefits for staff and of course our patients and their families. We are very excited to be first,” she said. Leonie and her team will be celebrating the move with their patients by holding a festive “Mid-Winter Christmas Move.”

Hospital Redevelopment Project Manager Steve Berendsen said he is asking for the public to be understanding at this time and to consider limiting their visiting for the week while everything settles in.

“We are very well organised for the move but ask that the public leave staff to look after their patients and get familiar with their new surroundings. For the week of the migration we ask that you limit any non essential visiting,” said Mr Berendsen.

Visiting times in the wards will continue to be from 2pm – 8pm.

The main hospital reception area will have a timetable of ward move times and after the moves, a directory of patient names and their new ward and room numbers. As well as this our volunteers will be around the hospital to help anyone who may need guidance.




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