Dental clinic facility go ahead for South Taranaki

5 April 2012

Children in South Taranaki will benefit from a state-of-the-art dental facility following a Taranaki District Health Board decision to locate the South Taranaki Community dental clinic at Hawera Hospital today.

“The service that we provide to our South Taranaki children and young people (0-18)is going to be better than ever. The refitted clinic at Hawera Hospital coupled with the mobile dental units to outlying schools will ensure that more than 5500 children will be seen by dental therapists in South Taranaki every year,” said Taranaki District Health Board Chair, Mary Bourke.

“More than 2500 children will receive their dental care at the new clinic which will have its own entrance and waiting room providing a family whanau focus to dental care,” said Ms Bourke.

The new dental clinic will be located at the northern end of the current outpatients department at Hawera Hospital with all outpatient services remaining within the hospital. The clinic will be open throughout the year from 8.00am – 4.30pm.

The three chair modern clinic, is built to the same modern standard as the five other community dental clinics, providing flexibility for the future.

“I think it’s wonderful that this decision has been made,” said Taranaki DHB Community Oral Health Service manager Heather Krutz. “It’s pleasing to note that dental therapists will be able to continue to offer a high quality dental service but will no longer have to work in isolation. Our dental therapists are delighted to be working alongside other health professionals.”

With this facility in South Taranaki the Taranaki community oral health service will have six new community oral health clinics, two mobile dental units and a third arriving early next year to service the Taranaki region.

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Click here for the South Taranaki Community Oral Health Service Memorandum (PDF 188KB)


How will children from rural areas get to the new clinic?
All children will be invited to attend the clinic, with the parents. This has not changed. They will receive an information pack on the new facility with the new appointment time. Families can also choose to attend other clinic services.

What will the opening hours be?
The South Taranaki Clinic will be open 0800-1630 throughout the year. These are extended hours from those that the old dental clinics were open.

Will we have to come to the main hospital?
The new Clinic will have its own entrance and branding quite separate from the hospital facility, although alongside it. There will be an internal sliding door that separates the Outpatients area and the new Clinic so that secondary services can be accessed if necessary.

The Clinic will be designed in cooperation with the staff who will be working there and will focus on ensuring a relaxed and appropriate patient environment.

Why was it decided to not keep the clinic on the school grounds?
A Ministry of Health strategic direction in 2006 stated that Community Oral Health Services should be co-located with Hospital Services where appropriate or able.

A co-located service provides a supportive work environment for staff, is cost effective and supports improved dental health care for the entire community. The Mobile Dental Units continue to provide school sited dental care

What do we mean by FREE dental care?
Young people are entitled to free basic dental care from 0 until their 18th birthday.

What is free basic dental care?
Basic dental care includes:

  • An annual check up
  • Oral health advice and encouragement for good oral health
  • Examination and dental X-rays, if necessary
  • Preventative treatment, such as topical fluoride and fissure sealants (coatings)
  • Restorations (fillings) and extractions

What happens in a dental emergency (relief of pain)?
If a dental appointment is needed urgently, and you are enrolled with a dental provider you need to tell the dental staff. If you have an accident and damage your teeth you should contact your usual dentist. Accidents are usually funded by ACC. ACC only funds part of the cost of dental care - discuss this with the dental staff or go to A and E at Base Hospital.

Will the dental care my child currently receives still be free?
Yes, from birth to 18 years old the dental care received will continue to be free of charge.

How will I know when my child is due for their yearly dental appointment?
The dental staff will contact you by phone, letter or both, with a date and time of the dental appointment or you are welcome to contact us on 0800talk teeth (0800 8255 83384).

What if the date or time does not suit me?
Phone the dental staff and change the appointment to a date and time that does suit you and your family on 0800 talk teeth.

Can I have the dental checks for all my children at once to avoid having to make many visits?
Yes, we would prefer to have whanau/family dental checks together, where possible.

Will my children’s dental appointment be during school hours?
Yes, however dental checks can be provided before and after school, when possible.

Can I schedule my children’s dental appointment for during the school holidays?

Will my children see a dental therapist or a dentist?
Generally your children will see a dental therapist. However, if treatment is beyond the dental therapist’s scope of practice, your child may be seen by a dentist. If they are a teenager they may wish to visit their family dentist.

Will my children have dental X-rays onsite?
All the equipment, including X-ray machines will be onsite

If my children need to go for their dental appointment changes, how will I know where to go?
The dental staff will contact you by phone, letter or both and advise you of the date and time and where to go for the dental check.

If I cannot go to where the dental appointment is, is there any transport help or another place I can take my children for their dental check?
Yes, the dental staff can discuss your child’s dental appointment and options available with you.

Where does my child go for dental care if they have disabilities?
There is no change to the dental service provided for children and adolescents with disabilities; they continue to be provided by the permanent dental clinics.

Can I change where my child receives dental care?
Yes, it is possible to change where you receive dental care. Ask your dental staff for help.

My child’s school is on the list for mobile visits. How will I know when the mobile unit is at their school?
The dental staff will contact you by phone, letter or both to advise you of the date and time and where to go for the dental appointments.

General Information

Dental Services
The Taranaki Community Oral Health Service offers free dental care services for 0-17 (until their 18th birthday) people living in Taranaki.

Dental check-up (examination)
Dental staff will check teeth and gums for any problems during regular examinations. They may also check how the teeth bite together and for any orthodontic problems.

Preventative Treatment
Preventative treatments may include teeth cleaning and scaling, fluoride applications, X-rays. A care plan will be sent home to notify you of any necessary treatment if you do not attend with your children.

Fluoride Treatment
Fluoride treatment helps make the surface of the teeth stronger and more resistant to decay. When used on small, early decay spots it may help stop decay progressing and reduce the need for a filling.

Teeth Cleaning
This is the removal of plaque and tartar from teeth. Without this gum disease may result.

Dental Treatments at Community Oral Health Dental Clinics
If your child needs dental treatment, such as a filling or removal of a tooth, your Dental Therapist will contact you.

Where are the Community Oral Health dental clinics located?

Clinics Phone Number Days and Hours
Te Henui Dental Clinic
74 Mangorei Rd, Strandon 4312
By Scotland’s Boarding Hostel NPGHS
06 757 3405 Monday to Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm
Rangiatea Dental Clinic
South Road. Between Spotswood College and Spotswood Primary School
06 751 3507 Monday to Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm
Manukorihi Dental Clinic
Manukorihi Intermediate School, Waitara
06 754 8077 Monday to Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm
Inglewood Dental Clinic
Kelly Street, at Inglewood Primary School, Inglewood
06 756 8041 Monday to Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm
Stratford Dental Clinic
Corner of Romeo and Miranda Streets, at the Stratford Health Centre, in Stratford
TBA Monday to Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm
Hawera Dental Clinic
Outpatient wing of the Hawera Hospital in Hawera
TBA Monday to Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm

Which schools will have mobile dental units visiting them?



Bell Block School

Devon Road

Bell Block

Devon School

Bonithon Ave.

New Plymouth

Eltham School

Conway road


Frances Douglas School

201 Tukapa Str.

New Plymouth

Highland Intermediate

Coronation Ave

New Plymouth

Hawera  Intermediate School

Dives Ave


Kaponga School

30 Egmont Street


Manaia School

Karaka Street


Marfell school

Endeavour Str.

New Plymouth


Rangi Road


Normanby School

Hunter St


Opunake High School

Tasman Street


Opunake Primary School

Gisborne Tce


Patea  Area school

Kent Street


Puketapu School

Dillon Drive

Bell Block

Rahotu School

Main Road


Te Kura o Nga Ruahine Rangi

520 Eltham Road


Waitara Central

12 Cracroft Str.


Waitara East School

Richmond Street



Gloag Street


Westown School

Sanders Ave

New Plymouth

For more information call 0800 Talk Teeth (0800 825 583)

Last updated: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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