Start a Conversation that Counts

15 April 2014

Many of us find thinking about the end of life difficult. This can mean we do not get to make decisions. Planning could improve our care and help us and our families deal with our deaths.

By discussing end of life, we might understand it and can be less frightened by it. We can accept it as something that happens to us all.


Advance care plans

You can have a say in what medical treatment you receive. As long as you are conscious and clear-thinking, you can participate in decisions about your treatment. Before you receive treatment, you will be asked if you want it. And you have every right to refuse it or ask that it be stopped. If you can’t make decisions because of severe injury or illness, your doctors will make them for you. They will discuss the treatment options with your family. If you haven’t taken the time beforehand to discuss what medical care and treatment you want, they will be simply guessing. You can act now by deciding what treatment and care you would want in the future. Make an advance care plan. Talk about this with your family and others who are important to you, to make sure they understand what you want.

Download the poster here (PDF 866KB)

Conversations that count


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