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Taranaki DHB is seeking to expand provision of community based Lactation Consultant support services in South Taranaki in order to provide increased support to breastfeeding mothers. The decision to expand service provision in South Taranaki is in response to a health equity assessment undertaken by our Public Health Unit which identified a need for more Lactation Consultant support in this area in particular. At this stage we are seeking to commit to provision of service over the next 15 months and are tendering this service through an Expression of Interest process.

Expression of Interest (PDF 520 KB)

EOI response template (Word 55 KB)
Provides details of the service we are looking to purchase and the application process for respondents that wish to apply.

Midland Breastfeeding Framework (PDF 2.4 MB) (please note this is dated May 2017)
Provides some useful information about the breastfeeding context in the Midlands region and where Lactation Consultant services fit within this.

This is an open Expression of Interest process so please feel free to circulate this amongst your network.

Expressions of interest close on 8 April 2019.


About our Maternity Services

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Taranaki Maternity Services consist of a Base Hospital Maternity Unit in New Plymouth and a Primary Maternity Facility in Hawera.

There are approximately 1500 births in Taranaki per year. Obstetricians, hospital midwives, nurses and Lead Maternity Carers (LMC’s) provide care within our services.

The average length of stay for a normal birth is approximately two days, and for a Caesarean birth, three to four days. Postnatal follow up care is carried out by a midwife in your home, from discharge for up to six weeks postpartum. The baby is then transferred to a Well Child provider of the mother's choice.

The facility is open 24-hours-a-day and experienced staff are available at all times for any enquiries.

Maternity Services Provided by Taranaki DHB

Secondary Outpatient Antenatal Clinic

Your LMC may refer you for a specialist appointment in the secondary antenatal clinic for advice in care planning if you have a medical or obstetric history that indicates you require this. In some circumstances your LMC and specialist will discuss with you who the most appropriate person is to continue to be clinically responsible for your care if you have a condition that recommends the specialist to be clinically responsible for your care. In this case, with your agreement your care may be transferred to a specialist and your LMC may or may not continue the midwifery care, depending on her scope, experience and circumstances. If your LMC midwife does not continue the midwifery care then the hospital antenatal clinic midwife will provide this. Click here for more information.

Neonatal Unit

We offer special care to premature and sick newborn babies. Click here for more information.

Antenatal and Labour Ward

There are five birthing rooms, a pregnancy loss room called the “willow suite”, a birthing pool room and seven antenatal inpatient rooms. The operating theatres are located in the main hospital block.

Tours of the antenatal and labour ward are held every Saturday at 1.30pm .

Postnatal Ward

The postnatal ward is located on the floor above the antenatal and postnatal ward. There are 11 single bedded rooms, two of which have ensuite facilities and two three-bedded rooms.

Additionally there is a room that allows mothers to board in while their babies are still requiring neonatal care.

The lactation consultant and newborn hearing screener is located in the postnatal ward.

Vaccination Drop in Clinic

Wednesdays 2-3pm every week. No appointment required.
The clinic is held in the Antenatal Clinic at the back of Labour Ward. Enter through the Antenatal Clinic entrance.

Hawera Maternity

Hawera Maternity unit facilitates low risk childbirth in its birthing room, which includes a birthing pool. Additionally it has four postnatal stay rooms. Women who birth in Hawera may stay for around 48 hours post delivery unless there are on-going issues when they may have a longer stay.

Women who birth at Taranaki base may transfer to Hawera maternity unit when they are clinically fit for approximately 48 hrs of post natal care.

New born hearing screening and hip check services are available in Hawera

Click here for more information on Hawera Hospital services.

Last updated: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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