This purpose-built and designed facility will house a new linear accelerator (LINAC) – which uses radiation to destroy cancer cells while leaving surrounding tissue undamaged - and bring all related oncology outpatient services under one roof. When commissioned, the facility will have the latest in modern cancer treatment technologies and user design.

The design for the new Taranaki Cancer Centre includes;

Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora is committed to sustainability and as part of this the Taranaki Cancer Centre will be targeting 5-star Green Star for both Design and As-Built and interiors. To be considered, a building needs to have strong sustainability principles ingrained into the design and construction. This includes reduced energy and water consumption, improved indoor environments (natural light, thermal comfort, and air quality), the use of sustainable materials and reduced impact on the surrounding environment. Not only will this mean that the building will help reduce the Health NZ Taranaki carbon and energy footprint, it is also expected to have a significant benefit to staff, patient and whānau wellbeing.

The integration of cancer treatment services means that Taranaki patients will no longer have to attend their appointments at multiple locations and facilities.
This will particularly benefit the more than 300 Taranaki people each year who require radiation treatment having to make what is often a difficult journey to Palmerston North and endure what can be a lengthy stay away from friends, whānau and other support networks. Around 80% of cancer patients that require radiation treatment in the Taranaki district can have all of their treatment locally apart from one planning visit to Palmerston North.

Preparation work on the site for the centre, the unused laundry building, has already begun. Construction work is expected to start mid 2023 and be completed in 2025.

Taranaki Cancer Centre artist's impressions

The below images are artist's impressions only and subject to change

1) Cancer Centre front entrance. 2-3) Cancer Centre patient treatment area. 4) Cancer Centre reception.

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