Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC)

1.  My Mother needs to go into a rest home - how do we go about that - what needs to happen? 

Make a referral to Taranaki DHB Community Support Services (CSS ) yourself or ask the GP to make a referral with updated medical details/changes in need. Taranaki DHB Community Support Service ph: 7597214 or 0800 823 443 if outside the New Plymouth free calling area. To be eligible for Rest Home entry a person needs to meet a criteria - this is what the needs assessment helps establish. Taranaki DHB CSS assess the level of need via a Needs Assessment usually in the persons home then Work and Income carry out a financial assessment If you do not meet the criteria for funded rest home care you can still go to a rest home but you will be required to pay for your care - this would be discussed as part of your service co-ordination.

2. Can I be at the assessment?

Yes - we would love for you to be at the assessment if this is what your parent wants, it often helps to have someone at the assessment to ensure all areas of need are thoroughly explored.

3. What help is available to my parents?

A needs assessment will identify what someone can do and areas they may need help with (and if someone is already helping them with this). Community Support Service are able to arrange/fund including, but not limited to - personal care (e.g. showering/dressing/medication management), domestic support (house cleaning), day care, tuck In/Get Up, occupational therapy/physiotherapy referrals, carer support, residential respite, rest home entry, links to Field Officers and relevant specialists etc.

4. Who do I talk to about filling in the Subsidy form?

Ring the Work and Income Residential Subsidy Line - 0800 999 727, or if you are involved with a Social Worker ask them if they can help. Age Concern can also link you to support people - 7599196

5. How can I get relief as a carer:

Call Community Support Services (as above) and make a referral for the person you are caring for (with their permission). CSS will visit you both and complete a needs assessment. This will help identify what areas you are managing yourselves and what areas you could do with help in. Some supports which may be useful are: Carer Support (an allocation of days to be used informally (privately and usually in your home) or formally (often in a rest home) to give the carer a break of a number of days at a time and often overnight); daycare - when the person being cared for attends a day programme for a day (or more) per week; personal care (showering/dressing) assistance; referrals to support groups and/or field officers.

6. What are "our "entitlements from family or clients?

As per question 3.

7: Who actually provides the service to me?

Community Support Services assess to identify needs and gaps and the meeting of those needs. We then allocate support if required and these are provided through Home Based Support Service Agencies such as - Health Care New Zealand, Access, Omahanui Home Care, Maryann Home Care, Te Hauora Pou Heretanga, Friends Plus and Enliven. We pay the agencies to provide the hands on support to meet the needs we have identified.

8: Who are Community Support Services?

Community Support Service is the Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Agency (NASC) for older people in Taranaki. We complete Needs Assessments and then co-ordinate services to meet those needs. We also provide a link to funded and nonfunded services, Occupational Therapy; Physiotherapy; Work and Income; Field Officers and so on. If people are looking at going into Rest Home care we assess to see if their needs are such that they require this level of care (or if their needs may be meet in the community).

9: Are supports means tested?

to be eligible for the funded supports of shopping and domestic support you must first have an identified need (and meet the criteria) and have a current Community Services Card. Personal Care Assistance, Daycare and Carer Support are funded for people who meet the criteria regardless of Community Services Card status.

10: Do I have to have a Needs Assessment?

If you wish to access DHB funded supports yes, you do need to go through the Needs Assessment process. This is to ensure that those people in the community with the greatest need have access to the supports they require to be as independent as they can be in the community. If you wish to pay privately for your care (e.g. domestic support) you are able to contact any one of the provider agencies yourself and arrange a private agreement.

Last updated: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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