Play is good medicine!

18 March 2013

Taranaki Base Hospital has a dedicated Hospital Play Specialist who helps our children and young people adjust to their stay in hospital.

To celebrate the work of all play specialists in New Zealand Taranaki DHB celebrated Hospital Play Specialist Awareness Week from 11 – 15 March. The theme this year was “Play is good medicine”.

Our Hospital Play Specialist, Sharon Luque celebrated on Friday, 15 March with a fun visit from the Bell Block Explorer Club.

Play is vital to continue development of children and young people, and when kids are admitted to hospital they are often at their most vulnerable. Play helps them to adjust in what can be a potentially stressful situation and provides coping strategies for the family.

Play Specialist’s helps children understand why they are in hospital and what will happen while they are there. They use distraction tools for children having procedures; provide therapeutic play, arts and activities to allow expression of feelings and concerns; provide support and education for siblings and parents; assess strengths and needs of children while in hospital; and encourage learning and wellbeing.

“Play helps children to cope with their illness and being in hospital, and allows them to regain confidence and recover more quickly,” said Sharon Luque, TDHB Play Specialist.

“Being a play specialist is the best kind of job because I get to see kids learning and enjoying themselves even in the toughest situations.”

Last updated: Monday, March 18, 2013

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