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Population Profile

According to Statistics New Zealand, in 2018/19 Taranaki DHB served a population of 119,800* people.

Taranaki has 83.9% identified as European and other, 17.1% as Māori, 1.7% as Pacific and 3.6% as Asian. The Māori population is projected to increase to 21.7% of the total population by 2028. The European, Māori, Pacific and Asian populations have grown since 2006, as at the 2013 Census.

Note: Where a person reported more than one ethnic group, they have been counted in each applicable group. As a result percentages do not add up to 100%.

Age Structure

Our population is ageing and older than the national average. The total number of people over the age of 65 is 20,980 (17.5%), with 7.8% of these being Māori.

A total of 38,440 people are under the age of 24 (32.1%), the number of Māori in this age group is 11,780 which represents 52.3% of Māori in the region.

Taranaki District Health Board

The Taranaki District Health Board (Taranaki DHB) is the Crown entity responsible for planning, funding, and in some instances, delivering health and disability services for Taranaki.

Taranaki DHB employs more than 1800 people and is responsible for planning, funding and providing hospital and healthcare services for the people of Taranaki. The majority of health services in our district are funded or provided by Taranaki DHB. We receive this funding from the Government in order to provide services to improve the health of our community and reduce health inequalities.

Taranaki DHB has scheduled one meeting day per month where all DHB business will be attended to including the statutory obligations of the Hospital Advisory Committee (HAC), Community & Public Health Advisory Committee (CPHAC) and Disability Services Advisory Committee (DSAC).

All meetings are open to the public and there are opportunities to make submissions at both board and advisory committee level. People wishing to make a submission/deputation at a board meeting should notify the executive officer at least 10 working days before the meeting, outlining their submission, which can be presented to the board in writing or orally. A translator will be present for those who wish to submit in Māori. Legislation requires the board to ensure Māori are able to contribute in decision-making and participate in the delivery of health and disability services. The board is therefore enhancing relationships with Māori, including Māori health professionals and community organisations. All board agendas and minutes are available to the public.


Contact us:

Board and Executive Office
Phone: 06 753 6139
Email corporate.contacts@tdhb.org.nz

Taranaki District Health Board
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