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Anita Waugh - Public Health Nutritionist

Do you have any advice for students interested in becoming a Nutritionist?
It is important to study all sciences at school. You need to have a passion for health and be motivated to help people achieve healthier lifestyles. Good communication skills are important as is an ability to understand and work with a wide range of cultures, ages and backgrounds.

Nicola Gaffney - House Surgeon

Why did you choose to work in health?
I loved the idea of a job which combined talking to people, problem solving, being able to help people through vulnerable situations, constant learning and challenges… and is fun at the same time. I also valued knowing that I could travel anywhere in the world and be able to work.

Joshua Johnson - Physiotherapist

What subjects do you recommend taking in high school?
Biology, chemistry, english and statistics at high school. I should have done physics as well, as it was required in my first year at University. I had to work quite hard in first year to pass Physics, but I got there in the end. I would recommend that you do Physics at high school!

Bronwyn Williams - Intern Pharmacy

What are the biggest challenges of the role?
Putting theory into practice is one of the most challenging aspects of being a pharmacist but is also what I find most rewarding. Each patient is an individual and communication with them must be specific in order to be effective.

James Wilkins - RMO (Resident Medical Officer)

Why did you choose to work at Taranaki DHB?
Having worked at Taranaki Base Hospital for the first time this year, it’s easy to see why there are excellent commendations from those who’ve worked before. First off you get to live in Taradise! The variety of people, places, and the attitude of all who live here is unmatched for a smaller centre such as this.

Neelam Dalman - RMO (Resident Medical Officer)

What is the best thing about working at Taranaki DHB?
The things I like about Taranaki Base Hospital include having supportive senior doctors, the many opportunities to get involved in practical procedures/surgery, friendly staff and ample social events. Although a relatively small hospital, it is a great place to work as a first year house surgeon.

Lucia Williams - Nurse

Why did you choose to work in health?
I wanted a job I enjoyed, and was rewarding. Nursing is fun, and everyday is different, everyday you learn new things and meet new people. Nursing is a great career and the job opportunities are endless. The variety of professions and patients you work with is huge.

Tara Morrison - Occupational Therapy

Why did you choose to work in health?
I always knew I wanted to work in health to work alongside others, and help people of all ages. As an occupational therapist I am empowering people aged from 0 - 100+ to increase their independence and level of participation with all the activities one needs to achieve within a day.

Hamish Wright - RMO (Resident Medical Officer)

Why did you choose to work at Taranaki DHB?
I wanted to work in a provincial hospital and gain some good, hands on, practical experience in my first years after graduation. So far, my experience has been great. The cases that you deal with are wide and varied, and there are plenty of opportunities to practice the clinical side of medicine.

A Day in the Life of...

Sue Barrett - Rural Clinical Nurse Specialist

A Day in the Life of...
As the Rural Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Hawera Hospital and the community, Sue Barrett is a master at coordinating support services....Read More (PDF 238 KB)

Ramon Tito and Aroha Wharemate - Kaumatua

A Day in the Life of...
Ramon Tito and Aroha Wharemate are Kaumatua for the Taranaki DHB. Matua Ray for North Taranaki and Matua Aroha for South Taranaki.....Read More (PDF 90 KB)

Neil Hartley and Liz Coombes - Renal Nurse

A Day in the Life of...
Patients and staff at Taranaki Base Hospital’s Renal Unit are like one big family. At reception, there’s a Happy Birthday message to one of the patients on the whiteboard...Read More (PDF 188 KB)

Jessica Hagenson - Play Therapist

A Day in the Life of...
Jessica Hagenson gets paid to play. Blowing bubbles, playing board games and colouring in are all in a day’s work...Read More (PDF 220 KB)

Mike Broker - An Emergency Management Coordinator

A Day in the Life of...
Years of preparing for an influenza pandemic are paying off as the country responds to the swine flu outbreak. It’s no different in Taranaki...Read More (PDF 228 KB)

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