Local Guidelines

Audiology Referral Criteria & Services (PDF 56K)

Anaemia in Renal Failure Guideline (PDF 98K)

Children and Adolescents - Guidelines for ongoing follow-up of children and adolescents with weight issues (PDF 225k)

Constipation in Elderly (algorithm) (PDF 80K)

Dementia Care:
Dementia Assessment (PDF 1.5MB)
Dementia Management (PDF 1.5MB)

DVT Management (PDF 298K)

DVT Primary (PDF 227K)

Dyspepsia (PDF 90K)

Headache Guideline (PDF 21K)

Heart Failure Referral Guidelines (PDF 19K)

Living with your PEG (PDF 322K)

Medical Abbreviations list for GPs (WORD DOC 109K)

ORL (ENT) Guidelines (PDF 175K)

PEG Management Guidelines (extracts for GP) (PDF 21K)

Persistent Pain Management & Referral Guideline (PDF 57K)

Podiatry Referral Criteria (PDF 100K)

Renal Referral Proforma (PDF 66K)

Stroke Management (PDF 35K)

Stroke Policy (PDF 35K)

Surgical (PDF 38K)

TIA Referral Pathway (PDF 108K)

UTI in elderly (algorithm) (PDF 32K)

UTI in Elderly Patients (PDF 178K)

UTI in Infants & Children (PDF 22K)

Urology GL (PDF 104K)



Last updated: Monday, May 6, 2019

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