This page contains some of Taranaki DHB's brochures. If you are experiencing difficulties downloading any resources please contact us for a paper copy.

Alcohol & Drug Services - Outpatients

Information about the free services we provide and how we can help you.

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Alcohol & Drug

End of Life

When confronted with changes that indicate final stages of living, commonly called "dying", there are many questions you may have.

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End of Life

Family/Whanau Alcohol and Drug Support

The FADS group offers free support and information for families struggling with alcohol and/or drug issues.

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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / High Dependency Unit (HCU) / Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

Information for Patients

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Patients of ICU and CCU

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / High Dependency Unit (HCU) / Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

Information for Relatives

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Relatives of ICU

Intermediate Care Older People's Health

Our goal is to provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation with the aim of enhancing independence and quality of life.

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Relatives of ICU

Maternity - Welcome to the Taranaki DHB Maternity Service

The Maternity Unit at Taranaki Base Hospital provides care for women throughtout Taranaki.

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Maternity - Welcome to the Secondary Care Antenatal Service

Information for patients who are transferred to the hospital Antenatal Clinic.

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Secondary Care Antenatal Clinic

Mental Health and Addiction Service -
Consumer and Whanau Advisors

Providing the link between you and Mental Health & Addiction Services.

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Mental Health Consumer

Mental Health Service for Older People (MHSOP)

The MHSOP team assists people in Taranaki who are over teh age of 65 and experience significant mental health problems including complex dementias.

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Mental Health Consumer

Needs Assessment and Care

The Taranaki DHB Community Support Service is a Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) service that assists in obtaining support services for people over the age of 65 with disabilities.

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Community Support Service for Older People

Parkinson Disease Team

The Parkinsons Disease Teams in North and South Taranaki operate under the umbrella of the Older People's Health Community Services, but do also manage younger people with Parkinsons Disease and related disorders in association with the visiting neurologists.

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Parkinson Team

Persistent Pain Service - PUEA Pain: Understanding, Exercise, Adapt

Difficult persisting (chronic) pain problems need to be tackled from more than just one angle. In Taranaki, we have developed a pain management programme called PUEA to help people with persistent pain.

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Persistent Pain Service

Reducing Your Risk of Falls Whilst in Hospital

This leaflet contains information to help you avoid having a fall whilst in Hospital.

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Snack Facts

Bite sized bits about snacks. Learn how much sugar and fat is in snacks and how often they should be eaten.

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Te Roopu Paharakeke Hauora

A guide for Whaiora users and Kaimahi Hauora Services.

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TSB Ward 2B Children and Young People

Information about your child's stay in the children and young people's ward.

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Welcome to Ward 2A

The Older People's Health and Rehabilitation Service provides inpatient, outpatient, day rehabilitation and community based assessment treatment and rehabilitation for predominantly older people with complex disability and/or age related disorders who are likely to benefit from an interdisciplinary team approach.

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Welcome to the Ward

The staff of Taranaki DHB welcome you to our hospital. We are committed to working in partnership with you and your family/whanau to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Welcome to the Ward

Whanau Pakari - 5 Key Messages

Whanau Pakari is a programme designed to help children and families to make changes to their nutritional intake and their activity levels. This brochure gives tips to getting started.

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Whanau Pakari - Information for Families

Whanau Pakari is a programme designed to help children and families to make changes to their nutritional intake and their activity levels.

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Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your rights and responsibilities as a customer of Taranaki DHB services.

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