Lets Ease up on the Drinking

16 December 2010

Taranaki District Health Board is encouraging people to plan their parties or celebrations these holidays to make sure no one drinks too much and gets hurt.

“There’s a lot of socialising at this time of the year and a bit of planning goes a long way to make sure everyone has a good time and no one ends up drunk and experiencing alcohol-related harm,” said Nedina Hohaia, Health Promoter.

“There’s a few simple things we can all do – like making sure there’s food, having low alcohol and no-alcohol options and having something fun to do so it’s not all about drinking,” she said.

According to Nedina, people hosting social occasions can help their guests ease up on the drink by:

providing guests with substantial food early on and throughout the gathering.  Asking people to bring a plate is a great way to get everyone involved.

options– having a range of interesting no-alcohol options. There are some great ‘mocktail’ recipes out there that can be really refreshing and also look really festive.  This way people have a choice about what they drink.

Having fun
– planning to do something fun so everyone has an excellent time and it’s not centered on alcohol.  It doesn’t have to cost money – get out the old sports gear or party games and encourage everyone to have a go.

“If we think about what this time of year is meant to be about and plan for it to be fun, we’ll also be looking out for each other and helping the people we care about ease up on the drink.  And that’s got to be good for everyone,” said Nedina.

If people would like to receive information on party planning including receiving information on low-alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes contact the Public Health Unit.

Nedina Hohaia
Public Health Unit
Taranaki District Health Board
Phone (06) 763 7777  Ext 8648

Last updated: Thursday, December 16, 2010

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