Mock Room Open to Public

9 September 2010

It’s the public’s turn to give their feedback on the inpatient single mock bedroom built for Project Maunga, the redevelopment of Taranaki Base Hospital.

Taranaki DHB staff members have already had an opportunity to give their opinion on layout, fittings and furnishings of the single, inpatient rooms to be included in the redevelopment.

Now an open day is being held for the public on Saturday, 25 September.

This is a unique opportunity for people to get a feel of what the redevelopment of the Acute Services Building will look like.

“We want to ensure that what we’ve designed is the best we can possibly do within the allocated budget,” Project Director Ian Grant says.

The redevelopment will include six new operating theatres (an increase of two), paediatrics, ambulatory elective surgery and procedure services, and a new inpatient ward block. The new operating theatres will allow more operations to be carried out. It will consolidate elective ambulatory, acute and inpatient services.

About 300 Taranaki DHB staff members inspected the mock room. “These are the people who will be working in the rooms, so it was vital we got their input,” Mr Grant says.

The feedback was extremely helpful. There were lots of positive comments and suggestions for improvement. “They liked the colours, flooring, the large window and size of the room.”

The Community Advisory Group, Disability Group and Older Person’s Group also inspected the room.

Changes will be made to the final design based on the feedback.

The redevelopment will provide a more user friendly, modern and comfortable hospital. It will mean the DHB can meet the health needs of Taranaki to 2015 and beyond.

Members of the public wanting to attend the open day should phone 06 753 8665 before 5pm on Friday, 24 September to be allocated a viewing time. The room will be open between 10am and 2pm.

To find the mock room come in the Tukapa street entrance and follow the signs.

For more information about Project Maunga visit the Taranaki DHB’s website

Taranaki DHB Site Map

(Mock room circled in red)

Taranaki DHB Site Map and Mock RoomSite Map (PDF 300KB)


Last updated: Monday, September 13, 2010

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