Frequently Asked Questions


What will happen when I call my doctor afterhours?

If your general practice is working with Healthline and you ring the practice afterhours, you will have the option of being transferred through to Healthline. This means you will get health advice immediately, rather than having to wait for your general practice to reopen. It may also save you an unnecessary trip to the emergency department.

How can Healthline help? 

If you or your family is feeling unwell, you can ring Healthline and talk to a registered nurse. The nurse will talk to you about your illness or concern and recommend the best thing for you to do.

Depending on the seriousness and urgency of your illness, the nurse might call an ambulance for you, advise you to go to the hospital emergency department, advise you to see a GP as soon as possible, or provide you with information on how to manage your illness at home.

Can Healthline tell me what’s wrong, over the telephone? 

When you talk to Healthline, a nurse will assess your symptoms based on the answers you give over the telephone.  The nurse will then be able to tell you what level of care you should seek. However, nurses are not able to diagnose over the phone, as this is best done when seeing a patient face-to-face.

Can Healthline make an appointment with my doctor? 

No, Healthline can’t make an appointment for you but the Healthline nurse will advise you on how quickly you should be seen by your doctor so that you can make an appointment yourself.

What will it cost?

It won’t cost you a cent as Healthline is a free service.

Can I call Healthline from my mobile phone?

Yes you can and it is still a free call.

Last updated: Monday, May 28, 2018

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