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Planning and Funding

The Planning & Funding Department is responsible for assessing the health and disability needs, to identify the need for health and disability services in Taranaki. This provides the basis of the work undertaken by the department, planning and funding public health and disability services. The department also ensures that account is taken of national policies and government strategies.

Taranaki District Health Board is responsible for funding Personal Health, Mental Health, Māori Health, and Disability Support Services (for the over 65’s services).

The Ministry of Health directly funds Public Health services and Disability Support Services for people we are under 65 years. For more information about Planning and Funding click here.

Taranaki DHB is pleased to present our Taranaki Palliative Care Plan 2013-16 which will guide the delivery of palliative care across our region over the next three years. This plan has been developed in partnership with local stakeholders who support us in the delivery of quality palliative care services to our community.

The Taranaki Palliative Care Plan aims to achieve a number of benefits for our community, including:

  • Coordinated planning for future palliative care services
  • Improved quality of life for patients receiving end of life care
  • Structured service development pathways and support networks for providers of palliative care established
  • Equitable access to palliative care throughout the province
  • Effective and evidence-based targeting of health funding for palliative care services in Taranaki
  • Improved awareness of the importance of palliative care and the opportunities for future service provision among a range of health providers and professionals
The plan was developed following consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and community groups with an interest in Palliative Care. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this consultation through their participation in stakeholder interviews, focus groups and questionnaires.

Click here to download the Taranaki Palliative Care Plan 2013-16 (PDF 397 KB)

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